How She Came To Be…

Once upon a time...a beautiful, yet not so young, maiden moved to a town (San Luis Obispo aka SLO) where dating was scarce. One evening at the local watering hole she met a gentleman. Tall and handsome and easily forgettable. A few weeks later she met this man again while he recalled their first meeting she did not. How could she not remember this tall and dreamy man? Eh. He wasn't the first she would meet and certainly not the last. 

They quickly became involved...well they went on a date. And another date. And another. One more. Wait, one more yet. Ok you get the drift. It was time to friend zone Mr. Dreamy. So many dates and yet no move. No attempted kiss, nothing, just some hand holding, G-rated, interactions. Sigh.

Her town square held their first ever speed dating event. Ah ha! Opportunity knocked. Andrea answered. She signed up and invited him to join. Alas she will have her man, or maybe another man, it is speed dating. After acquiring many interested suitors she decided it was time to turn in for some beauty rest. Mr. Dreamy politely asked to escort her home and she obliged. 

As any gentleman should, he walked her to her door and FINALLY he embraced her in their first kiss. With a sexy tug of her hair he took her in his arms and landed the kiss that would spark their relationship to come. 

Andrea bid him farewell and entered her abode. Took the pocket of suitor names and phone numbers and dropped them into trash. Speed dating worked. She got the guy.